Experiment in virtual reality


“Experiment in virtual reality”

I am with someone…we are observing two groups of people in virtual reality. It feels like we are conducting or at least part of an experiment. We are now moving around the subjects in group one. This group wants a higher level of awareness…they want to lucid dream. Our assessment of this group is that they are ready…they soon will be dreaming lucidly with regularity and it is obvious they will thrive as a group.

We move over to group two. They too want a higher level of awareness…to be lucid dreamers. I notice one person in particular and I can feel how much they want those things. Our assessment of this group…it is quite clear that if they become more aware…become lucid dreamers…it will cause utter chaos in their group.

notes: I have been thinking about some things that Andrew has said…something along the lines of our natural way of dreaming is lucid dreaming and that there are things that fight against this…dark forces etc. Also…how Charlie said something along the lines of…there is a part of us that prevents/protects us from experiencing things we are not ready for or wouldn’t be able to handle in a lucid dream.
Perhaps my dream is in part an effort to sort those ideas out.