Going Green ($$$$$)?

Have we been lied to or mislead about Green and Renewable enery?

How much child slave labor is involved in the production of electric vehicle batteries?

Who is getting rich off of these projects?


“I think the big crisis of our times is our minds have been manipulated to give power to illusions”


An inconvenient video from a surprising source!

However, in fairness, here’s the rebuttal, which is usually left out of climate change “conversations,” which usually seem to be mostly one-sided revelations.


Planning on watching this with my wife tonight.

Pulled a summary from Moores Wikipedia for anyone considering watching it.

" Michael Moore was executive producer of the documentary, Planet of the Humans, which was directed by Jeff Gibbs and released on July 31, 2019. The film makes the argument that, since the first Earth Day, the condition of the planet has worsened, and questions whether mainstream approaches adopted by industry to mitigate climate change, entail environmental impacts whose costs are comparable to or even possibly outweigh the benefits. The film received criticism from a number of climate change experts and activists who disputed its claims, and the accuracy of figures cited in the film, and suggested that the film could play into the hands of the fossil fuel industry.[86]"

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Still holding off on watching this one, ANTHROPOCENE: The Human Epoch, one day I’ll force myself to sit down and watch it.


Yeah I was shocked that Moore helped get this message out to the public, it really made me repect him a great deal Moore! :wink:

There are some really shocking INCONVENIENT TRUTHS that the video drops as bombshells.

The part about them having to burn chewed up tires to help get the ‘bio’ mass to ignite and burn was really troubling. As was the fact they were burning old rail road wood that was heavily treated with chemicals.

I thought it was really messed up that it took 10 tree burning power plants, to provide the same energy output of only 1 coal burning power plant.

Its almost like the politicians want to get rid of as many trees as possible, just so they can show the world CO2 levels are rising. I dont know two many things that are as effective at sucking CO2 from the atmosphere as trees are. :upside_down_face:


Watched this with my wife the other night.

Good information and I think it is always important to have both sides of the coin on full display. Hopefully that is a good analogy.

Hopefully this type of thing helps the future of energy:

Also, in time production of renewable energy may become closer to carbon neutral and the technologies might advance and become more in line with what they are claiming. “May” and “might” are not ideal in something like this that’s for sure.

I wonder about the concept of ‘thought creates reality’ when reflecting on a movie like that. There is greed and dishonesty rooted in the production but it may he a byproduct of establishing a new reality of thought in an advancing technology and in time possibly a new source of energy.

I had a video on YouTube play that had the Kardashev mentioned in it and I thought this movie is a good time to revisit the scale for me and share how ChatGPT4 actually works.

This was my input to ChatGPT4 for the following video (“Write a short scientific paper covering what is needed for the Earth to transition from a 0.7 to a type 1 civilization. Briefly cover the largest flaws in the current system preventing accelerated advancement to a Type 1 civilization.”)

Here it is writing the essay:

Here is AI reading the essay:

Click here for the text version

Title: Transitioning Earth from a Kardashev Type 0.7 to a Type 1 Civilization: Challenges and Opportunities

In the context of the Kardashev Scale, Earth is a Type 0.7 civilization, harnessing only a fraction of the energy available to us. This paper explores the requirements for our transition to a Type 1 civilization with the ability to utilize the entire energy output of Earth’s home star, the Sun. It further discusses the largest flaws in the current system that act as bottlenecks in accelerating this stellar transition.

Body of the Paper:

  1. Understanding the Kardashev Scale

The Kardashev Scale, propounded by Nikolai Kardashev in 1964, is a method of measuring a civilization’s level of technological advancement based on the amount of energy they are able to utilize. A Kardashev Type 1 civilization can fully harness the energy of its own planet, Type 2 can use the energy of its star, and Type 3 controls power equivalent to that of its own galaxy.

  1. Temporary Status of Earth

Currently, Earth is estimated to be at about 0.7 on the Kardashev Scale. We harness energy from our planet – nuclear energy, hydroelectric power, fossil fuels, wind power, and solar power – but the scale of utilization is still far from total.

  1. Transition to Type 1 Civilization

The transition from a Type 0.7 to a Type 1 civilization involves both technological and sociopolitical leaps.

3.1 Technological Advancements

We have to significantly expand our capacity to harness, store, and distribute energy resources. This involves not just terrestrial resources but also those found in our solar system - harnessing solar energy directly from the sun being the foremost method.

Wide-scale effective utilization of renewable energy, breakthroughs in nuclear fusion, energy consumption efficiency, and off-planet energy sourcing such as Dyson Spheres or Swarms would be key technological frontiers to cross.

3.2 Sociopolitical Changes

A Type 1 civilization is a planetary civilization by definition, and hence, requires cooperation on a global scale like never seen before. Our current segmented, nation-state paradigm would need to evolve into a unified, global governance framework, transcending present political, economic, and cultural barriers.

  1. Flaws in the Current System

Several critical barriers exist that impede our transition to a Type 1 civilization.

4.1 Economic Disparity

Competition for resources coupled with economic disparity leads to an uneven distribution of technology and resources, slowing global progress.

4.2 Political Fragmentation and Conflict

National interests often supersede global concerns. This hinders our ability to work together to tackle collective challenges.

4.3 Technological Limitations

Despite the rapid advancements, our technologies are yet inadequate to exploit the complete potential of energy resources available. It includes extracting renewable energy efficiently, achieving nuclear fusion, or creating space megastructures.

  1. Conclusion

Though the Earth lies at least several centuries away from reaching a Type 1 status on the Kardashev scale, transition is theoretically plausible. It necessitates novel technologies for energy utilization and storage, and an unprecedented level of global cooperation. Current barriers, notably economic disparity, political fragmentation, and technological limitations, must be addressed to accelerate this transition.

Aligned with the relentless spirit of human curiosity and ingenuity, overcoming these challenges may eventually open our civilization to new cosmic heights. As we venture into this extraordinary quest, we must remember the quote from Carl Sagan, “This is a time of great danger, but our species is young, and curious, and brave. It shows much promise.”


have you seen this video? Pretty good:


" Then, in December 2022, a team at LLNL in California announced they had, for the first time ever, created a fusion reaction with a net energy gain. Using 192 giant lasers, the team delivered 2.05 megajoules to their target, which subsequently released 3.15 megajoules of energy output.

Now, just eight months later, a spokesperson for the lab tells Reuters that the reaction has been repeated, and this time, it produced an even higher energy output.

“We are witnessing a moment in history: controlling the power source of the stars is the greatest technological challenge humanity has ever undertaken,” physicist Arthur Turrell tells Anthony Cuthbertson of the Independent. “This experimental result will electrify efforts to eventually power the planet with nuclear fusion—at a time when we’ve never needed a plentiful source of carbon-free energy more.”"

Great article, this is huge progress! I had heard in past experiments they were able to achieve fusion, but the net energy required far outweighed what was produced. This is a giant leap forward!

Nuclear is still by far the cleanest and most pragmatic form of energy we have available to us.

The benefit of the Cold war and amassing all those nuclear war heads, is they can be dismantled and recycled at Nuclear power plants.


I did not, but I like other videos from that channel. Watched it and enjoyed it.

The Kardashev Scale leaves hope for the future. I’ve watched many hours covering it on YouTube, good stuff.

The question remains though, why build a civilization by expanding and consuming energy. What is the endgame? I like this video for answering that question.

The reason is for a civilization to reach omnipresence. The final achievement in that video would be the liberation of all beings, not a select few. All beings would fully comprehend God is not seperate from them, they are God as much as God is you. It is a long journey, but as the old saying goes, never leave anyone behind :slightly_smiling_face:.

Also, I wanted to explain the artwork on the video in my post above. I took all the dark energy that was manifesting and channeled it into AI art instead of poetry. I think putting words to combat the energy would leave a lot of room open for misinterpretation. I put two days worth of work into this art because of how important it was to me.

I call it a self portrait of sorts. In it, the being pictured is telekenitcly controlling a weapon assembled to slice timelines as precisely as possible.

Taking a second to focus primarily on the message requires help from this image:

In the image, the spearhead is blessed by Archangel Michael (the top side). The bottom is my favorite element of the artwork. I call it an “Arrowhead Dipped in Time.” Time being represented by the circular clock like gold ring that the Arrowhead passes through.

The inspiration used for the artwork was Archangel Michael (the spear), and the Primordial God and Goddess Khronos and Gaia (the Arrowhead Dipped in Time).

Hope every one is having a nice labor day. :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::v:

Edit: here are a couple other routes I went with it before making my final decision (click here)

Love this one, looks like an Ankh:

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I like these two the best:

But would rather have both the eyes be white, glowing light.

Really cool artwork.

Is the difference between a level 6 and 7 civilization that, level 7 has mastered not just the physical world, but the Nonlocal realm as well?

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Key Differences:

Nature: Type 6 is described as a civilization with multiple beings, whereas Type 7 is a single all-encompassing entity.

Control: Type 6 controls multiverses, while Type 7 controls the entire omniverse.

Existence: Type 6 exists beyond the space-time continuum, while Type 7 is omnipresent across all of existence.

Questions and Knowledge: Type 6 beings can still have questions and discover new knowledge, whereas Type 7 knows everything without the need for further inquiry.

Ultimacy: Type 7 is portrayed as the ultimate level, whereas Type 6, while immensely powerful, is not considered the final level of civilization.

In summary, the main differences lie in their scope of control, nature (individual civilization vs. single entity), the concept of omniverse, and the level of ultimate knowledge and power. Type 7 is presented as the ultimate and all-encompassing being, while Type 6, although incredibly advanced, is not the final level of civilization.

Put a little work into trying to get the best answer for your question, hope this clarifies it.

I changed the eye colors for you:

Pretty wild synchronicity today. Walked into work, clocked in and there was a small meeting. The guy that sits next to me which I always associated with Zeus is getting catheterized because the doctors think he had a heart attack. The synchronicity ties back to crafting an etherial weapon and this thread discussing activity in the second body:


This was very helpful in understanding their differences.

Type 7 is basically God, no?

Looks really awesome!

Did Tim say it was cool to do another call with him?


Yes. The final step to reaching type 7 is remembering this and returning to our primordial state with God, or whatever some one may call it.

Absolutely, he said anytime! He responds to emails fairly quickly. It would probably be the best way to set something up.

There is an update on this situation. First he is doing well and they were able to put 3 stents in him. Second is something I recall him saying either Thursday or Friday while he was sitting at his desk. He said he is going to hell then started talking to himself. I understand this type of thing is said as a joke but I think the timing of these events carry some importance. Third and last, probably the strangest occurrence with this situation is that he was on vacation in New Jersey at the shore. This is ironically the same location Robert Monroe visited “RW” and did a pinch from the second state/body that caused a bruise on her body at the exact spot he pinched her. This is the clip where he discusses it from his book.

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