Hi community!

Hi all, thanks for having me.

My name’s Philip and I’m from Belgium. My ‘dream journey’ started around four years ago when I had a peculiar dream after which I decided to try ayahuasca. In the weeks that followed I had my first very vivid lucid dreams. Eventually they subsided but the curiosity to do further explorations lingered on. After 4 years of ‘distractions’ and the occasional lucid dream I’ve decided to try to become more ‘awake’ while dreaming. So this is why I’m here: to learn and perhaps to share with others. I’m very excited to start. Thanks for the website, the articles, the forum… it all looks very promising.



Welcome, @philiphilip. Glad you made it here!

The #virtual-hangouts on Thursdays at 3pm ET are a great way to connect in live (on Zoom) with the NC Community + also ask any dream/practice related questions to @Andrew.

See you around the Club :slight_smile:

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Ok, thanks for letting me know.

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