(Lucid) Dreams & Dreaming in the News

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I thought it’d be useful for the community if we posted news articles dealing with (lucid) dreams and dreaming as they are published on the web. Let me know what you all think. Thanks!

Here’s an article published yesterday.



Hey @Phil! This is a great idea. Perhaps we can encourage others to pull out some of their favorite parts or key takeaways from the articles as part of the posts? I always love when folks summarize what was most meaningful to them. That also might spark more discussion here, which is always so great. Thank you for this!


Hi Allison, thanks for your encouragement. Here’s another article just published in the Times of India.



The review of Alice Robb’s Why We Dream published in the Irish Times on March 30, 2019.



The German TV Channel Deutsche Welle made a report on lucid dreaming in the latest episode of its weekly science show. It is in English and can be watched at this link:


The Guardian recently published an interview with Alice Robb, which included this:

What is ‘lucid dreaming’?
In lucid dreams, you become aware you’re dreaming. You can take control of the plot. They can be anything from a brief moment where you’re in a nightmare and tell yourself: “this is a dream” and wake up. That experience is fairly common. But there are also people who lucid dream constantly. People dream so differently. I’ve had people ask: “Are there people who can’t control their dreams?” Some learn to lucid dream and unlock different layers. It is extremely cool and mind-bending when it happens to you – an alternate reality that feels real. It is no mystery that people become obsessed with it.

from ‘When we dream, we have the perfect chemical canvas for intense visions’

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From the BBC this morning: How to become a lucid dreamer: Ever wished you could soar above your city? Lucid dreamers are able to control their time in the land of nod, and you could be able to, too.

Has brief video giving an overview of lucid dreaming and demonstrating some dream signs, along with basic explanatory text on the subject.


p.s. My acquaintance Keelin likes to call dreams “the land of odd,” which I think is more appropriate than the “land of nod.”

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The Times of India just published a how-to article on lucid dreaming.


A long article on lucid dreaming in the widely read British newspaper Daily Mail. Another sign that the interest in lucid dreaming is significantly increasing across the globe!