👺 Outstanding Words of Wisdom today, particularly appropriate for post-election contemplation

Our mind actively works to construct and inhabit its delusions, and we will fight tenaciously to avoid giving them up. The result is that most of us live our entire lives in a dream: a dream of independence, autonomy, separation, and gain and loss – a dream of suffering. . . The culture that succors us, defines our world, and shapes are aspirations is nothing more than a dream we share. It is, nonetheless, a uniquely powerful dream, and we ignore its awesome strength at our own peril. There is no surer way of being ostracized and excluded than threatening the dream your fellows share . . . We are terrified that we might see our dreams for the illusions they are, and we protect them with bloody force.

James Coleman | sociologist


Great quote.

“particularly appropriate for post-election contemplation”

Absolutely, especially approporate for the dream nature of elections themselves. Whether you are Democrat or Republican, or anywhere in between, ALL political parties are illusions, and to let the mind cling to the propoganda they propogate is delusional.

Money and Power are always the endgame. They will seduce voters with illusions that they are fighting for freedom, or justice, or a clean planet, or a strong economy, but the reality is that they will promise anything as long as they achieve their primary objective: money and power.

The illusion that it is the politicians who are in control is dream many will never wake up from. Politicians are like real estate. They can be rented, leased, and owned. To find the owner, all you have to do is follow the money.

Oscar Wilde saw the dream for what it was:

“Everything in the world is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power.”

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His dream . . . . . . . . .

Or humanity’s nightmare?

Have you watched the series Game of Thrones? A artistic masterpiece in my opinion. The quest for the iron throne…

Why is it that all communist governemnts fail to achieve mass equaility of resources? Someone is always finds a way to sieze more power and resources than the other.

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Only a few series have offered endings/final seasons equal to their overall quality—but that wasn’t one of them.


The last season was a disaster. I get the feeling thats what happens when greedy actors start renegotiating their contracts and pay, and greedy executives decide to cut costs.

But I think overall I would still give the series an A+++. Some very wise teschings in the material.

No one seeking the throne survived.>>>

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It wasn’t the actors, it was the two producers who wanted out and the last two seasons were truncated and mangled. It also didn’t help that they had gone well past the source material and they lost the brilliance and vision of the author who has been years late in finishing up the last two novels in the series.

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Have you read the books? Has he finally finished the last 2 novels?

Perhaps the producers are planning on reviving Daeneryis Stormborn? No one saw where the dragon flew her off to. Maybe she was taken to one of the fire worshipers, so the God of light could bring her back?

Whatever happens, I dont think the GOT series is going to die out anytime soon. House of Dragon was under impressive in my opinion.

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Sorry, I’ve lost interest. I prefer Cobra Kai.

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