Remote Viewing - Area 52

Interesting topic. I’ve never felt inclined to explore this phenomenon, but if proven, it would provide evidence for the existence of an intelligent psychic field.

A YouTuber, Chris Ramsey, whom I’ve been watching for many years, recently started a second channel. He uploaded a video today in which he begins an investigation into Project Stargate (a top secret government funded project that went on for over two decades).

It’s worth noting that he is a world-class sleight of hand artist who also travels to other countries to spend time with other magicians and he records their shenanigans. My favorite videos of his are the ones where he plays “You Flash, You Lose” with other magicians. They attempt to perform their tricks in front of each other, and if any of the magicians spot a sleight of hand move, they call it out as a “flash,” causing the person to lose.

Here is the video he just uploaded, and I’ll try to find a good video that showcases his sleight of hand abilities later tonight.

Additionally, he also does complex, one off puzzles on his main channel. This is the latest puzzle he has started working on:


Great minds think a like, lol :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ah, yes, good post on it. I’ll have to change the title on this thread.

It seems like Chris Ramsey will be going in depth on his channel. Might be worthwhile to watch. I plan to watch just out of curosity. His videos are really good and now that he is getting into aliens, psychic phonenoma and remote viewing I don’t think I’ll be missing any of his videos.

Chris kept it secret for a year that he has actively been trying to remote view with help from some of the people that worked for the government training remote viewers. He also discusses its history and some of the stuff that was revealed in the classified documents.

Edit: Just got done watching the video.

At the end of the video Major Edward Dames said that they would recruit people from the Monroe Institute. Specifically students who were in the altered states and out of body programs. He mentions the book “Journeys Out of the Body” which looks interesting too.

Haven’t listened to any books for awhile. The narrator is pretty good on this one. Going in!! :smiling_face:

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I did not know that the Russians were hiring Psychics, and the US copied them.

The part about Jupiter and plants is really cool.

Awesome video.

I once asked a police officer if he and his team ever used a psychic before to help solve crimes. He said only once, a woman who was contracted through the FBI. They were looking for a murder victims body. She siad she saw “horses and a small pond”.

They found the body and the murder weapon dumped at a horse track, sunk deep in a pond a the center of the race track.


Have you ever tired RV before? Or do you know anyone who has had success doing it?

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That is indeed awesome! :star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

From what the Major said in the video the FBI is one of his common clients and he was asked what he thinks about skeptics. He said he has so much work he doesn’t have time to even think about them. He also said if he wasn’t in the position he was in he would be a skeptic too. He was Ingo Swann’s protégé. The military picked officers to train in this field and he happened to be one of them.

No, so far in the book, the author does an exceptional job of documenting his natural remote viewing experiences. He did not intentionally try to achieve this and was genuinely fearful that he might be developing schizophrenia or facing his own death when he started having extreme body vibrations as he was falling asleep (he went to doctors about the issue and none of them knew what was happening).

This stands out to me. Each time he documents his sessions, they begin when he falls asleep and his body vibrates and buzzes. This has only occurred to me once, and I was so excited by the sensation that I ended up waking myself up. It happened while I was attempting to WILD, but it hasn’t happened again since then. Normally WILDs begin with falling, rising or spinning sensations for me and there is a very big difference in the feeling between the two experiences.

There is a remote viewing session that he documents, and if his account is truthful, it is extraordinary. He was able to “astral travel” to his friend who was on vacation and interact with her spirit, which was observing him while she was awake. They engaged in conversation, and he lightly pinched her to ensure that she would remember their interaction. Before he pinched her he told the spirit and she sounded hesitant and didnt want him to do it, but he did anyways. She jumped and said ouch when he did then he returned to his body.

The crazy part is, when she returned from her vacation, she had two black and blue marks exactly where he had pinched her. Pretty intense claim. Only one way to know for certain and it is how I exist l, live my live and evolve my spirituality… I don’t believe anything until I see and experience it for myself, first hand.

Will see if listening to this book and Chris’s channel sparks something naturally. I’ve started doing WILDs again after @zzz_zzz’s post. That post, plus the dream where a dream character showed me what to do in my dreams has me excited to lucid dream again.

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Here is one of the videos from my favorite series Chris does.

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I did “Astral Projection” with Jade Shaw this year and she talked about remote viewing and this Stargate program - she interviewed the director of this program.
She and Enrique Ramos confirm that this is indeed a practice and that some teachers at the Monroe Institute have been hired to train military forces to spy with remote viewing.

There are several records of this remote viewing and how precise it can be.


That’s awesome to hear that you’ve been in the presence of someone who has some level of confirmation regarding remote viewing.

This is incredibly fascinating and has sparked my curiosity. This clip especially:

After discussing it with my mom, I wanted to share a summary of our conversation here:

(The discussion between us covered the concept of remote viewing and the idea of experimenting with it on one’s own body. I believe that the person conducting the experiment in the video above overlooked whether it was their non-physical, spiritual self interacting with another non-physical being that caused the interaction between the physical world and the astral plane.

For example, and to test this theory, I’d suggest conducting experiments on oneself because, in that state, the non-physical body and the physical body would be separate. I was saying that the physical sensation experienced by the person in the story could be a fear-based reaction from the non-physical body, which has not previously experienced direct interactions with a non-physical body controlled by a 3rd dimensional mind within that spiritual space.

Further, I wonder if the same thing would occur if the non-physical body were seperated from the physical. In other words, was this injury the result purely of the non-physical body from the woman. Would the same have occured if they were both seperated from their physical bodies at the time?)

If someone has experience with RVing or knows someone who does it seems like it’d be worth discussing and exploring. It’s possible that they might address this topic later in the book, and if they do, I’ll add it.


Big book in the 1970s Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain


Will check it out, was it viewed as fiction when it dropped, or was it a bomb shell that rattled the country?


Here is a link to a trailer for the one guys film:

Looks pretty

“there is a secret government within our government”

Tell me something I dont already know :wink:


Big amongst those who were receptive to those ideas, people in the Monroe institute and those who were actively pursuing psychic phenomena.


remote viewing in 20 minutes


Wanted to include all as I wrote this with everyone in mind. The book plus videos and all the synchronicities I’ve experienced surrounding these events has sent me into minor mania. I feel from Charlie Morley’s book I’ve began to learn how to direct this energy into proper channels which is what I hope I’ve done here. I’ve also included an audio version at the end because the post is so long.

Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp are currently pushing UFO/UAP information intensively, and he has valid reasons for doing so. Recently, he and George Knapp arranged congressional hearings in which high ranking whistleblowing military officers were under oath answering congresses questions regarding the possession of biological, non-human life forms and possession of craft that is beyond our current ability to understand. They have stated that many other individuals with insider information are awaiting to see how the protection of David Grusch is handled before coming forward. George has stated that he has a comprehensive, 140-page report on the tic tac incident that David Fravor was involved in which they have not yet shared with congress due to concerns that their sources could face jail time. The next few months promise to be interesting when it comes to the topic of UAP/UFOs.

I’ve managed to listen to four hours of the book “Journeys Out of the Body” so far, and I must say, Robert Monroe is incredibly credible. The concepts he discusses are understandable, and he offers a fresh perspective on some of the more peculiar experiences I’ve had with WILDs in the past. It’s worth noting, with great emphasis, that not all of his remote viewing sessions begin with a buzzing sensation from his body. He also uses a roll-out technique that closely resembles the MILD technique. I’ve accidentally done this technique in the past while attempting WILD so I can relate to the sensation he describes.

One aspect that confuses me about Monroe’s travels is his constant concern about returning to his body. This is in stark contrast to my own experiences. I’m not sure if he includes this for dramatic effect, or I simply haven’t encountered what he has. It also may be fear due to the lack of information on lucid dreaming etcetera at the time.

Now that I’m four hours into the book, I’ve realized I had a natural remote viewing event in the past. During a WILD, while waiting for a dream to form, I heard a soft feminine voice whisper “Nibiru” and felt a pull shortly after. This occurred during a phase when I was heavily involved in casting spells within my lucid dreams. When the dream materialized, I didn’t pay much attention to the feminine voice and instead indulged in flying up into the air, shooting fireballs and casting paralyzing spells. Shortly after, the dream shifted, and I found myself in close proximity to two humans. They were seated against a wall, and something notable was that, at that time, the text in my dreams and lucid dreams were never very clear or stable (though this has since changed for me). However, one of the humans had crystal clear text tattooed on his face. The tattoos resembled those of post malone, but with one significant difference - beneath his eye, instead of “always tired,” there was a single word: “satan.”

I grabbed below his chin and the base of his neck and stretched it as far as my arms would allow, while I was doing this I heard quiet voices saying “why would you do this?”. Shortly after, the dream transitioned to space, with ships firing lasers at me. They hit me repeatedly, I extended my arms and surrendered to the sensation, releasing all my emotions, anger, etcetera. Then, for some reason I said “I need my powers back”. Right after the dream went black and I thought the dream was over, but it was followed by a brief flash of an intensely bright blue diagram depicting the naked human body with all limbs spread and a circle around it, then I woke up.

I classified it as a fun fantasy type dream. Most of my lucid dreams during that time followed a similar pattern - venturing into peculiar places where I would be pulled or playfully chased by beings. I viewed them as fun experiences. However, Robert’s insights and analytical approach to these realms are causing me to see them in a different light. There are some of these realms in particular that operate with different rules and have guardians. They were realms where I encountered children and the places were made up of childish games. The children there were incredibly friendly and would talk to me but when I would begin moving around I’d usually get chased, confronted, and pulled out of my dream.

I’ve successfully directed two dreams in a similar fashion to the Nibiru one. I stated what kind of dream I wanted to experience as the dream was taking shape. One was that I wanted to meet the Greek Goddess of Love, and the other I whispered “Sacred Lands.” Both experiences resulted in pretty cool dreams.

Based on what I’m learning from Robert’s book, it seems that remote viewing involves stating where you want to travel during the transitional period between waking and sleeping that happens during WILDs.

I’ve changed my mind about engaging in these practices, as I believe I have already experienced what Robert describes in his book. Though I don’t intend to replicate all of his experiences, I do plan to reconnect with my late maternal grandfather in an effort to gather solid evidence and provide my mother with undeniable proof of existence beyond our present moment on Earth. This decision is influenced heavily by the profound impact visiting the deceased had on Robert himself. The way he writes about the visits shows how strongly it impacted his beliefs in these places.

Presenting tangible evidence has been a longstanding desire of mine. Discussing and explaining these experiences to others can only go so far, but when one can consistently and profoundly present evidence like Robert does, skepticism becomes obsolete. The only flaw with RVing is that it is heavily based on one to one interaction. An outsider can think it is a cool concept etcetera but until it happens to you there will be no definitive belief. So my journey inward begins again. Last night I began attempting WILD with the set intention to visit my grandfather. If I am successful in visiting my grandfather my only other intention will be to explore / gather data in a similar manner Robert did for places 2 and 3, but from Nibiru (I feel that is the only place I am free to travel to because when I traveled there first it was not of my will).


Awesome video, thank you for posting this, its the best tutorial video I have seen on youtube to date. Thank you. :heart_eyes:


This is really good to hear from and Advanced dreamer, I have heard other experts say similar things.


OMFG, when I read this I got a flash of the dream you shared about your grandma this winter, and how I was really interested in the symbol that was drawn on the note she gave you. Did you watch that fantastic 20min vid @BlessingsDeers shared? After writing down numerical coordinates, he immediately puts pen to paper and draws a random line 1s line. I wonder if that symbol she gave you on the paper in the dream is connected to this?!?!?

I think the guy was saying let the energic waves of your nervous system connect with the specific targeted waves of the universe.

Bit of a strech, but thought it was worth mentioning.


I can see the connection. What he calls an ideogram.

It’s cool that a similar process is used with RVing. There were two clear separations in my dream, a name and then a wave function, and there are two separations in the RVing, numbers and the ideogram. It gets my mind whirling about time again. If the ether knew this event would happen (I wanted to visit my grandfather), because past, present, and future would be different in that space, then this event could have left me with a method to communicate.

I think you are seriously onto something, and it came to me while typing the above. Writing my grandfather’s name on the left side of the card, similar to where he puts numbers, and a randomized wave function, similar to the way he draws his ideograms, on the right side. It is a good idea I will keep in mind for the future.

For now, I plan to retrain WILD. As of last night, I found out WILD is NOT like riding a bike :confused:.


That is an interesting strategy to try out, good idea.