Shadow work/nightmares

I originally went lucid in this dream after finding myself fighting these demon/monster figures they were shapeshifters all in the form of humans but if you approached them they turn into demons . I realized i was lucid and then found myself in a classroom full of people we were watching a projector screen and so i asked the dream show me fear. So on the projector screen my biggest fear snakes appeared to be strangling some people and hanging them from trees . Now i realized i was still lucid and was getting sucked into the projector screen and i was going to become one of the strangled people so with this realization i calmly focused myself back to the classroom and kept my lucidity… i then proceeded to ask to see the devil himself… but no response other than the room getting darker and the people around me got up and circled me and they all turned into dark shadow figures … the projector screen turned into a mirror and i saw myself sitting cross legged meditating i could sense that i was looking at the darker part of myself . I kept mediating focusing on the breath and subtly telling myself I’m dreaming to remain aware. I had this feeling that the devil would not show himself as long as i remained lucid because the devil is a coward and can only show his true self to weaker ignorant people because that is how he has power. I found myself still lucid but now with a total loss of sight everything was black and usually when every thing goes black it’s just a matter of time before i lose my lucidity so instead of letting that happen i woke myself up because i was afraid of what i might’ve seen in the following non lucid dream in the devils domain. Has anybody done shadow work like this?


Arthur has an interesting post you might find useful with links here