Sharing a Profound Experience

I never post anything to anyone, but my recent lucid dreams were so strange and wonderful that I have to share them with someone. I feel like I’m throwing a pebble into a stream in order to watch the waves.

About me: 67 years old, been meditating for 50 years. I have experienced many traditions and teachers, but the last 20 years, I have been strongly grounded in Thai and Burmese Vipassana, mostly from the Achan Cha lineage. In February and May of this year, I participated in magic mushroom ceremonies that cracked me open like an egg. I spontaneously started lucid dreaming shortly thereafter.

On Monday of this week I had an amazing dream. I was in a large facility, like a clinic or university, with many rooms, and after wandering about, I found myself in an office, where I was about to be interrogated. On the desk there was a file folder with my name on it, and inside the open folder I saw a list of mantras that only I knew! I thought, “how can they know those mantras,” and at that moment I realized that I was dreaming, and instantly I was in a solid lucid dream, unlike any I had experienced before. It had the same qualities of ordinary physical reality–totally clear and stable. I knew that I could wake myself if I wanted to, although I was unaware of my body asleep in the bed. I was fully present and relaxed, and I thought, “what should I do”? There was a woman challenging me, and we were in a kind of stand off, so I decided to wake up because I could not change the scenario.

I awoke feeling elated. And shortly thereafter fell back to sleep into the same dream space: same building, same stable consciousness, only this time as I walked through the rooms I was a disruptive force, and all of the people who were engaging in new age therapies came running from their classes, as if liberated from their involuntary lessons. It was joyously chaotic, as if I had let them out of their cages. In front of the building I became fully lucid again: totally solid. I knew I could wake up at any time and I was amazed by the seeming physicality of the dream reality. This time I decided to try to meditate, so I put my hands in a pranam position at my heart, and started to do loving kindness in all directions. I said, “may all beings be well and happy; may all beings be at peace” over and over again until I woke up, still in a joyous state.

Wow. No lucid dreams since Monday, but I remain grateful and happy. Found this website and decided to share it. I feel a little strange, as I have no community. I’m just a quiet soul who meditates solo. But this was so cool that I wanted to share and feel some connection. Thanks for reading.


Welcome to the Night Club and thanks for sharing your extraordinary dreams. You have quite a background which sounds a lot like the Goeinka-Ji Vipassana type of meditation practice. Is that right? Most of us on this site have been zooming with Andrew Holececk during the pandemic and so the online sangha has developed nicely and offers a lot if you’re interested in Lucid Dreaming and furthering it with Dream Yoga.

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That is really cool to hear that the mushroom ceremonies could have such a profound impact on your dream life. Can you share what happened in those ceremonies?

Check out Andrews Webinar videos, he has about 60 of them, in the last 20 or so in the list, he has a video on each of the 9 stages of dream yoga and some of the practices that you can begin doing after achieving lucidity.

It is a great community, welcome!

What meditations that you do are the most effective?