Sharyn from Richmond, VA

I discovered Night Club after seeing Andrew speak at The Shift Network’s 2022 Dreamwork Summit. I am new to lucid dreaming; I don’t believe I have ever had a lucid dream. I began recording dreams in 2016 and have been participating in a daytime dream group since 2019. I have experienced several precognitive or premonition dreams, one regarding my father’s death and another regarding my dissolution of marriage. I also had a shared death experience (during the night) when my father died in 2018. I am in a state of transition in my life. I enjoy day hiking and recently trained as a death doula. I am excited about this community, especially the book group and the meditation group.


Welcome to the Night Club! Glad you made it to one of Andrew’s webinars. This is a great place to meet other 'Clubbers and ask Andrew questions and listen to his riffs on whatever comes up. What did you think about, or get from the Friday webinar?

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Hey Sharyn,

Welcome to the club. I was in a very similar situation to you when I joined thismyear in the Spring. having been a member for about 6 months, I have already had 2 Lucid dreams this year! That is more than I have had in my entire life! I know it it because of Andrews work and the help from many great members on here.

I also am no stranger to premonition dreams. Would really love to hear about your experiences with them. When I joined I finally begrudgingly decided to start doing a dream journal, and I am now very happy I did. I have had at least 5 premonition dreams since becoming a member, and that is more than I can remember having in my entire life. This is a very powerful community for growth!

What is a “death doula.”?

Wishing you much luck with the transition and on your journy. :slightly_smiling_face:

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About the Friday webinar (my first) – a lot of new terminology. Just taking it all in. Not overwhelmed, but a lot to process. I have ordered two of Andrew’s books and am looking forward to book club this week.


Hello @NightHawk999. Thank you for the welcome and for sharing your experience with lucid dreaming. I like to think of my premonition dreams as preparation dreams. At the time I had them, I didn’t know what they were foretelling. It was weeks or months after the dreams (and the related events) that I saw the connection. In each case, the dream then served as reassurance – that what had transpired was intended, already in the works, etc. A death doula is trained to provide emotional, spiritual, and logistical support at end of life (non-medical). Most death doulas (also called end-of-life doulas) are self-employed and work directly with the dying or with the loved ones. I look forward to offering dreamwork as part of my death doula services.


I got both last week as well. I have been reading them and at the same time, playing andrews video in the background, which I have found to be enormously helpful (his commentary really helps unpack the complexity and depth in the texts)

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Do you keep a dream journal? Do you write in it every day?

I was blown away by how powerful this practice is, If I had not done this, I would have lost almost all of the premonition dreams that I have had in the past 6 months.

I had never heard of a death doula before, that sounds like very rewarding and meaningful work.

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