🔮 Shifting Realities & Mandela Effect

“Instant evolutionary jump for 8 billion” “Our kidneys have moved upwards and our heart has moved to near the centre” ~ Cynthia Sue Larson

I just watched this mind blowing extremely informative interview with Cynthia Sue Larson MBA DD

Mandala Effect
Shifting realities
Group conscious quantum shifting realities
Quantum cognition
Multiple realities
12,000 year cycles

This I thought was worrying to hear her say.
" My most recent past life, possible a future life, some 500 years in a dystopian future (it past), which was controlled by a central artificial intelligence. And humans were no longer free to make choices. And it was like a nightmare. So I felt like I needed to have a long time in-between lives before coming into this one. I felt like I was booted out of the in-between place into this life too soon. And then it’s like, Oh what a mess!"

I really felt a connection to Cynthia and what she talks about.

My gut feeling is that there will be choices for us to make in the near future, whether to engage and be run by AI or not!

Theres a lot of topics discussed in this interview i thought might create a conversation here. What do you think about this videos message?


Are you sure shes not talking about the present? :upside_down_face: :wink:

Its AIs world, we just live in it.

Looking forward to watching this video, going to try to get to it tonight or over the weekend.


The Mandela Effect has always intrigued me, recently I began thinking about it more than usual as there’s a new billboard featuring Nelson Mandela on my commute to work. It’s sparked my curiosity about him and I’m glad you made this post because I do not think I would have discussed it otherwise. I’m reaching out to forum members for their recollections about Mandela’s death. If you remember the details of how and where he died, please share them. If you’re not entirely sure, that’s okay – just mention your uncertainty in your response. This phenomenon fascinates me because I know two people that distinctly remember his death differently.

One person whose historical accuracy I deeply trust is my father-in-law. He almost became a history teacher and possesses an extensive knowledge of history, along with a remarkable memory for anything historical. On the opposite side is my reiki practitioner, whom I don’t see as often so I don’t know how much I can trust her recall.

As for me, Mandela’s era was before my time, so I don’t have any personal memories of his death. How do you recall his passing?


Maybe this will jog your memory:

Or manybe this:


Pretty unsetteling.
At least he took peoples suffering and the economy seriously, and we had the fastest recession recovery in US herstory :upside_down_face: :chart_with_downwards_trend:

Great video.

It hit home when she talked about how out attention can alter the physical world.

I liked also what she had to say aboit plants and the elements having some means of influence outside of the physical realm.

I also liked her comments on God.

From since I have been in school, the heart has always been left leaning, like Liz Cheney

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:joy: YES !!! (Minds thinking a like) you picked out where i was curious :thinking:
What intrigued me was when Cynthia was saying:

If its past and future (all lived in present) and she talked of 12,000 year cycles :thinking:



Why do you think the “Mandela Effect” intrigue you?
I just had a thought after my mobile phone did a prompt “Mandala” before typing Mandela.
And i thought is this to show us its ALL like a “Mandala”?:thinking:

@mbready with your talent in creating artwork would you be able to create a piece please.
Using just these colours in your picture (blues, white, violet, magenta & not reds) create a Mandala (like a Kalachakra) and with Ancient knowledge symbolism ?

Than you

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That had my attention too! If our (the collective consciousness) attention is on AI then what???

Me too! Especially as we’ve been discussing topic in

I can’t remember that, what did you like?

I suppose if the collective consciousness of a few billion is feeling their heart in the centre it stands to reason this phenomenon that our heart is now in the centre (seen no facts) could be true.


Absolutely, here are a few let me know if you’d like to add anything or refine them in any way:

:+1: With information that helps do this being widely available and accessable rebalancing the scales to light/love should happen naturally.

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I went down the rabbit hole awhile ago and some of them I remembered ‘incorrectly’ the monopoly man with the spyglass is the prime example for me.

As far as Mandela goes I know one person that I trust very well with historical information and when I talked to my reiki practitioner about it (she brought it up after she had discovered it) she remembers with perfect clarity according to her the opposite of what I was told.

As far as my memory of him I don’t remember him at all. Both time periods (1980s and 2010s) lack recall for me, one was before I was born and the other was a time when I didn’t pay attention to the news at all.

Had a little more time to work on Mandalas. Hopefully one resonates with you. Plan to work on more of these. Thoroughly enjoying them!

Sorry about the colors not following instructions perfectly.


Dove into these for quite a bit tonight. Had a lot of fun with them. Here are the final generations based off the original idea:


@mbready Wow! Im amazed at what you achieved! They are ALL beautiful.
The 1st resonated the most!

Are you happy for people to repost/share?

Interestingly i see you have mistaken my meaning and used Chakras instead of Kalachakra but the result its stunning!!

The Kalachakra Mandala is the one HH The Dalai Lama gets involved with when he does the Kalachakra Initiation.

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Love ALL these mandalas
So beautiful and extraordinary.

They are all brilliant! Look like Phoenixes!
If i had to pick one it would be this!
And love the colours.
Thank You

Absolutely, feel free to share or do anything with them.

No need. They are also free of copyright.

There were a few outputs that looked similar to what you shared above. I will try to make a couple later tonight :+1:.

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@mbready thank you!
Theres no hurry.
Am very pleased with what you produced with the chakra mandala.

I mentioned the Kalachakra again incase you wanted to try that as an idea.

Very grateful :pray:t2:

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Here are a couple more I worked on tonight:


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: ALL are amazing! THANK YOU. :pray:t2:


Yes, based off how important it was to the greeks and Romans, it would not shock me if many other cultures used the night sky to pass on important teachings.

Wasnt a fan of the video, couldnt watch more than 5min of it. But I agree with him bringing up the free Masons. I was in an old building that was rumored to be a Masonic ‘temple’, in one of the ball rooms, the ceiling was covered with depictions of the 12 zodiac signs.

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Its the last question he asks her, towards the end of the video.

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What were they saying about the free masons? My sister has been dating a 3rd degree Master Mason for awhile (he also explained to me it can be said as 32nd degree also). I could ask him a question or two next time I see him.

He does keep secrets but also said some of the stuff online about their ceremonies, in particular the first one are fully accurate.

Thought this was cool. My wife and I were doing some shopping last night, check this out.