The Whispered Lineage

In surfing around for some study material here on a slow day at the office I stumbled upon this incredibly deep dive into all things tantric.

Ian Baker is one of my favorite lecturers. He actually spent a great deal of time in caves on retreat and his perspectives on the tantric path in this video run the entire gamut from the ancient Mahasiddha lineages right through all of the things I am trying to wrap my head around such as Tummo, Trechod, Thogal, Illusory Body…all of the various protocols that can help us with the illumination of our dreams and, in turn, with the illumination of our very being.

This is by far the most comprehensive single lecture that I have found on these subjects. It’s long, so keep the tea pot nearby. :sunglasses:


Thank you. Very full and comprehensive. Great references. Would love to hear more of the retreat that this lecture introduced.


This is really good! Ties together so many things and yet clarifies and separates ideas at important junctures. It also explains a lot of things that are often hidden in plain sight. Thanks for posting.

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Very interesting lecture thank you Steve. Would be great to see Ian Baker interviewed here on the subject of lucid dreaming.

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Or Dream Yoga, one of the six Yogas of Naropa

Seriously. He has strong science based perspectives.

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