Which Body.......Which Dream?

I have gone back and forth between trying to determine which state I am in and recognizing both states as dreams. They seem to be at odds with each other.

My experience these days is that both states seem equally real…or perhaps both states seem to be equally dream-like. :wink:

So instead of asking myself which state I am in, I have taken to asking myself which dream I am in…and which body. Is this the karmic dream or the light dream? Is this my physical body or my light body?

Love to hear how this lands with folks.


A question about your attachments to things, if any. Do you feel attached to things in your daily life, such as cars, pets, family, favorite pens—versus things you have/see in your dreams? Are the relationships similar in different states of being?


Great question, Barry.

I feel minimal attachments to things in my life. At this stage in my life I have not accumulated many “things”…or perhaps it is better to say that the things that I had accumulated have slipped away. I honestly think I could fit everything I actually own in my 1997 Subaru Outback. :sunglasses:

I feel as though I carry my entire world around within.

And…that feeling carries over to my dreams as well. I walk through my dreamscapes as I walk through my waking life…observing and only taking actions sparingly.


That’s a great place to be. Save me a seat, I’ll be there in about 14 years.

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The vow is to keep returning voluntarily, just some returnings take longer than others.

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