☸ YANGSI [The movie about H.H Dilgo Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche]

It’s got adverts, but very interesting . . . .

PS. Nephew of Mingyur Rinpoche and brother of Phakchok Rinpoche


when I have the time, gonna watch it. thank you.


Watched half yesterday and fell asleep, then dreamed about it, but cant remember the specifics.


As soon as I saw this video I knew it had something for me….

Just did not expect it to be SO special……

I took refuge with Tulku Lobsang and was delighted to know the meaning of Tulku……

For me it’s even a deeper experience to know this without searching for it… it came to me in the right moment. I LOVE when this happens.

I had already known that Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche had been taken away from his family since his behavior was causing some chaos in the village because he was so bold, active and powerful. Lobsang means Kind-Hearted Lion… he was taken away also because it was said that if he had not become a monk he would die very young – here’s a great example of fates, decisions and freedom of choice @NightHawk999

I also know a spiritual master friend who decided to stay when death came to her – she deliberately chose to stay for the rest of her new life to be, and I learned from her we can all do this. Another example of how fate sometimes has some variables……

Tears came to me in deep connection with Dilgo Yangsi (the “first”)… I looked into his eyes and felt deep resonance… also with him living twenty years in the mountains. I LOVED the way he would speak and pray with his hands.

Brilliant that the visions of this reincarnation came from dreams… in images and verses.

“Letting him be himself” lovely……

Traditional and modern together… I LOVE that.

“Is this world the truth or is this world a dream?” I had a strong “déjà vu” in this part….

So beautiful that he started to listen to the inner voice in a dream… delightful! And receiving the advise of his previous life…… AMAZING!

My son used to to say hello like the Buddhists do… head to head…. He never saw anyone doing this. He would also do it to images. Is favorite was Mother Theresa of Calcutta – he would always “bow” to her.

I LOVE their books…… and their open and close system…. Very different from our “normal” modern books… just came to mind that perhaps that’s why people love oracles so much… the open and close system is similar……

Something touched me deeply in this movie… perhaps all the love surrounding him…. still not quite sure of what it is, but I guess the most important is to be touched…
it was interesting to see this young man, His Holliness Dilgo Yangsi Rinpoche demonstrating that words are not the important… it’s the love and presence that he certainly has… :heart_eyes: and I could see some similarity with his previous incarnation in the way he talks with his hands… (this was near the end - 1h14)…

Thank you, @_Barry .

This movie, because of such a strong contact with a different culture, particularly Bhutan (I think I will go there in this lifetime, at least once – perhaps for facilitating a retreat about lucid dreaming and passage to death….), it reminded of this one:

not sure I had already shared it here… it’s one of my favorite movies……


I am glad you tagged me in this, I have not watched the movie in full, only about the first half, and I was falling asleep. It did influence my dreams, and I connected to it, so I am excited to complete it, hopefully this weekend.

Have not seen the Yak in the classroom, but will check that out as well. :star_struck:

Yes this part really resonated with me. And the fact that many years passed before the important dreams occured.


Excellent movie, nominated for an Oscar last year.


Adding to the list.

Watched the one you posted, and I liked it. So cool to see the Tigers nest temple. And how the importance of dreams was mentioned a number of times.