🐍 Animal Communication

OMG…Matilda is also gorgeous! also with brown sweet eyes…
thanks for sharing!


Sweet soul Matilda! Nice photo too. :heart_eyes:


tonight I had my first dream with Nina since she passed away on the 8th December…
She was in a beautiful place, full of energy and in good company.
we had a good time together :rosette:
It’s so amazing how dreams can light our hearts up! :heart_eyes:


I used to meet some friends 2x a month to do yoga together and talk about spiritual stuff. One cold snowy night, the lady running it came in with a baby boa constrictor. I had previously run 9 miles in the snow, a personal record, I was sore but beaming and very happy to be there to do some stretching.

I asked the lady why she brought the snake. She said it was her sons, and didnt want to leave it in the car. I asked her if I could hold it, and she let him slither on my arm.

I sat down on the mat with him in my left hand and took notes with my right cuz they were doing a teaching on ACIM that night for the first hour. The snake stayed curled in a ball chilling in my hand for that entire hour. (not me, but it kinda looked like this):

Every so often he would stick his tongue out to taste air, or yawn (which I had not seen before, and was cool to witness).

She told me she had never seen him so calm before, usually hes exploring and crawling all over things and people. I told her it had to be he was feeling my elevated body temperature. Now I am more convinced it wasn’t just the heat, but he was also feeling my energetic vibes from the runners high and joy of accomplishing a big run and happy being with the group. I think we were both really content.

I was shocked by how smooth their skin is, almost like leather, and how warm their bodies get. Not my favorite snake story but its definitely in the top 10.


One wrong squeeze and you are bait for the wolves:


Baby Owl Goes


the horses in Sintra also roll on like him! yeaaaaaah

I LOVE his name and this story! :cowboy_hat_face:


@BlessingsDeers hope you enjoy:



I did not know the 3-4 roll rule, very interesting.

Yes The Owls name was a synchronicity for me too, and one that has appeared here more than once.

Shocking how human they behave, almost like they may have been one in another life… :wink:

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@BlessingsDeers I forgot to tell you, found out today the place I volunteer at a few times a month got 2 new horses.

Both are white. Rare event.

Kind of a cool synchronicity with the 2 horse vids I posted yesterday, each having a white horse.