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How could I forget, this dream hit very close to home for me, my heart.

Yeah it is, these synchs and precognitive dreams are such blessings. Words never do them justice.


@NightHawk999 You heard AH say it?!
Wow, we must have downloaded it from the same Cosmic Espresso Stand in Lucid Dream Land!
I thought I made it up!


the original one:

The fact that you made it up makes the Coffee synchronicities from you 2 all the more tantalizing. :star_struck:

Very creative, the last 2 lines are really tough to find ryhemes to, well done!


@NightHawk. Yes, it’s from the Heart Sutra. I guess one has to be somewhat of a Buddhist nerd to get it. But I haven’t risen to as high a level of Buddhist nerdhood as AH!


I just posted Tinna Tinh’s version of the Heart Sutra mantra in the mantra topic area.


Really loved the most recent mantra you posted on that.


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Water Moon


this dream has inspired me to do my first Dream Transfer. Learned it with Robert Moss.
Yes, the inspiration comes from the Phowa.
What we do is a shamanic practice and here’s what came (I share because you are a part of this @NightHawk999 as you will see):

  1. I share the lucid dream;
  2. I share an image - I will share the meteor falling. one strong image is enough.
  3. invite people to enter the dream
  4. we dance together in this case to the music you shared which I think is PERFECT for this particular dream (Train - jupiter drops)
  5. people lay down, relax.
  6. I play the drum and people do their journey with a specific intention.

thank you deeply and infinitely for the inspiration.


We have just entered “The Silver Gate Portal” - The Sun Conjunct Aldebaran.

Aldebaran is known as one of the Four Royal Stars. Its place in our celestial skies has been considered sacred by many ancient cultures around the world.

Aldebaran is said to bring fortune, bravery, success and endurance. Its energy is compared to a guardian angel, watching over and protecting those who bathe in its energy.

Aldebaran is also said to awaken and sharpen the mind. Activates our third eye chakra (Intuition), allowing us to grow in intelligence and raise our consciousness to new heights.

Aldebaran is considered the star of enlightenment and allows us to download new and inspiring ideas from the Universe, directly into our minds.

According to some astrologers, Aldebaran is also believed to be home to the Silver Gate Portal, which is the entry point for souls traveling or reincarnating back to Earth.

As souls travel through this Portal, they are bathed in the protective light of Aldebaran before moving on to their new reincarnation.

From the 28th to the 31st of May each year, the Sun passes through Aldebaran, activating its energy and making it more easily accessible to each and every one of us.

We can use Aldebaran’s energy to sharpen our minds, accelerate our path to enlightenment and perhaps remind ourselves of why we chose to reincarnate in this life.

As Aldebaran is linked to fortune and success, we can also take advantage of these days to take action towards our goals and dreams and to work on manifesting them.

Because Aldebaran energy is so powerful, especially on a mental level, we may feel a little overwhelmed or anxious, especially if we tend to overthink or have a foggy mind. Healthy conscious food here can help a lot!

Personal sharing:
My son’s transition was exactly in this period! He stabilized his dying process on the 28th and after his mental death on the 30th, his organs were donated on this day, which in the Catholic Calendar of that year was the Holy Trinity Day and my uncle (who is Catholic and Christian) had consecrated him to the Holy Trinity soon after he was born.

Let’s enjoy the energies of Aldebaran
Forever Conscious."



No, Thank you, this is such a brilliant idea.

Linking that powerful image to an equally powerful song is genius.

Have you tired it yet, or still brainstorming?

The importance of the Drumming I think cannot be overstated enough, I believe this is an extremely important part of the ritual.


Never heard of this before, thank you for letting me know :star_struck:

Alpha Tauri

So interesting, this also corresponds to the heart of Spring, where there is so much rebirth exploding around.

Very moved reading this. The fact that he helped save other peoples lives, is perhaps one of the highest forms of pure Love (God).



indeed… this is what helps the brain to go into Alpha and activate the pineal… the drum is also representing the heart beat we hear in the womb :heart_eyes:

just published a video on Youtube:

Suggestion: since you know what it is about, chose your intention, dance “drops of jupiter” (at least) go to minute 9:02, relax and enjoy the drumming. yehaaaaay! enJOY :dolphin:



Not something most people want to hear, but there is definitely a mathematical equation that successfully predicts how bad some relations will turn out…


synchronicity in action, beloved!
look what I shared just now!..

I would like to share about Astrology that indeed it can help people to confirm what they already know… with some calculations, it can be a “Sambala Guru”, but always remember Your Heart (and intuition) - I once asked intuition about mercury retrograde and the answer was genius! it’s not a “boogeyman”… from that day on, I developed a different relationship with astrology. Also because I know so many astrologists… and they all see different things! I also know that Astrology can be VERY precise and predict things, indeed.


Its not a science, but an art. People may laugh at the fact that you can go to 10 different astrologers and get 10 different answers, often contradictory.

My counter would be there are bad eggs in all disciplines, and I have heard of people jumping form therapist to therapist, each one giving the patient a unique and different diagnosis.

My friend who died last year was diagnosed by a therapist with OCD, rather than an Eating Disorder. Really fucked up, it could have been one of the factors that cost her her life. I had to do the damage control of telling her it is possible to have both OCD and Anorexia at the same time.


"During a lunar eclipse, Earth gets in the way of the Sun’s light hitting the Moon. That means that during the night, a full moon fades away as Earth’s shadow covers it up.

The Moon can also look reddish because Earth’s atmosphere absorbs the other colors while it bends some sunlight toward the Moon. Sunlight bending through the atmosphere and absorbing other colors is also why sunsets are orange and red.

During a total lunar eclipse, the Moon is shining from all the sunrises and sunsets occurring on Earth!"

Lunar Eclipses and Solar Eclipses | NASA Space Place – NASA Science for Kids!


Space | 60 Minutes Marathon