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I always love when you project yourself onto others in that abundant Venus of yours :heart_eyes:

it depends…
imagine a mother Cancer… with a daughter Aries… the daughter will help more than usual.
or a Father Scorpio with a champion son who starts winning even more competitions…
or an artist Pisces who receives precise feedback from a friend, dies for a few minutes and is reborn again with even more talent…
Or a friend Libra who does it all for years for her Aries friend to be sweeter and she does give him a massage…
or imagine a Capricorn female with an Aries friend who finally come together after some time and they clear out old things from the past…
“what doesn’t kill you, heals you…” done in an assertive way, it’s a deep healing time.
I was thinking last night that we all have all the sings inside of us… :star_struck:

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No doubt, my point was if I was advising a Cancer on the best time for them to have their wedding, I would not reccomend this time period.

Absolutely, this is a perfect time to lovingly reach out and offer a hand to help them, or offer an olive branch.

Be prepared to have your face torn off though if you catch them on a rotten day. When it is done with a pure heart, making the call or reaching out is what is important, regardless of how they receive it or react.


Serial Killers' Zodiac Signs: The Most Likely To Kill & Be Victimized

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" With Halloween mere weeks away, many people are turning their attention to the scary, the spooky–and the astrological. As we specialize in astrology, we conducted a study to identify the zodiac signs of serial killers (at least the ones we know about). Though they’ve been the subject of tireless study for decades now, the building blocks that make a serial killer remain elusive even to the most perceptive and educated psychiatrists, academics, and criminologists in the world—is it nature or nurture, or all of the above?

At all times, but especially during this season, interest in this strange breed of violent criminal remains high, and the fascination for true crime produces huge audiences for podcasts, TV shows, and movies. The interest is peaking whether the cases are solved, unsolved, or ongoing.

Are most of them fiery Leos or crafty Libras? To understand which signs may be overrepresented among some of the most notorious killers in history, we studied almost 500 known serial killers from across the globe. (Check out our full methodology at the bottom of this page.)

The Zodiac Signs Of Serial Killers

StyleCaster | Zodiac Signs as Dating Red Flags


Four signs—Cancer, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Scorpio—account for almost 40 percent of serial killers. Gemini and Taurus combined account for only 11 percent, so there goes any theories on Geminis being two-faced and backstabbing.

Killers born in the sign of Capricorn accounted for more victims total and on average than those in any other sign. Combined, they killed more than 800 people, or 19 on average; the lowest average was for Virgo killers, with seven victims each.

And don’t sleep on the water signs: Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio accounted for the highest number of killers and victims in our analysis—28 percent of killers and 27 percent of victims.

Most Common Signs Of Serial Killers

Jeffrey Dahmer


Of the 485 serial murderers included in our analysis, a few sun signs dominated the list: There were 46 each of Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, and Sagittarius, making them the four most common signs among serial killers. The least common? Taurus and Gemini, which were tied with 27 each.

Combined, the four top signs account for 38 percent of all serial killers included in our analysis, while the bottom two account for just 11 percent. However, prolific serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer and “Son of Sam” Sam Berkowitz are both Geminis.

Many people who follow astrology likely won’t be surprised to find Scorpio at the top of this list, given that the sign’s biggest weaknesses include violence, manipulation, and jealousy."

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton looks out into the audience with Vice President Joe Biden at the end of the Vital Voices Awards ceremony at the Kennedy Center in Washington on April 2, 2013

The Idaho Murders | The Case Against Bryan Kohberger
( 11.21.1994 )

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Astrologers speechless: THIS is what’s coming!

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@fenwizard I think you and @Andrew will appreciate this.


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pretty cool synchronicity with the clip I posted above and the begining of this one. Just watched it today, has not been a new trailer since the Super Bowl when the 1st one droped:


yes. the intention is what matters.

interesting… good point here!


hihihi!.. Marvel is awesome… Jim Kwik helped their team once and felt at home with them… :heart_eyes:

this clip reminded me of this song:

and this from Jim:


So years ago I was told there was a deeper meaning in this song. It completely went over my head until someone told me.

Was wondering if you caught it?

"You should go and [love]/Fuck Yourself’

Condescending tone is sublte, but the context of the song is blunt.

Love this song!


Yes, I got the fact that it’s much more assertive saying it in this way… go and love yourself… perhaps super bowl could create a video with Barbie saying this to her friends… I would LOVE to see that! hihihhi
and yes, the whole context of the song is “bravo!” :rose:

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this happened tonight in Portugal… a blue meteor dissolving itself 55kms before going into the Atlantic ocean.