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You are so much a blessing to me dear Vanda!
I am basking in the Light you are through Great Luminosity so moting be brought my way. So many rays, red and blazing! Like this in your Castaneda thread— “another Lakota song is “el agua es el canto de las estrelas… cantando los miedos desapariecen” = “water is the singing of the stars… by singing the fears disappear”. This speaks to me perfectly now! I’ll share more tomorrow when we Zoom! Meanwhile, I’m sharing in an email to you now what was a hand written letter I typed up later that was found in Matthew’s Bible After he Transitioned. Just as you brother of blessed memory - so grateful for your deeply sharing dear one - our beloveds serve at catalysts and Trail Blazers to their loved one’s eventual awakening to the divine and singular and true Reality, blessed be us! :two_hearts::pray::smiling_face:


I am very sorry to hear about this sudden passage of your son. About 5 years ago, I lost a friend who they say passed because of heroine pills, but I believe they were laced with fentanyl. It was devastating. My heart goes out to you and your family my friend.

Really appreciate you sharing this. Based off your dream and reading this there in no doubt he is in the kingdom of God.



Me as well.

These painful passages are not without a silver ling for sure. They can profoundly deepen our faith, spirituality, and connection to God, his children, and the Universe.

@Kalabasis here is one of my favorite RH songs:

Radiohead - Street Spirit (Fade Out)


like wise :brown_heart:

this inspires me to sing with you today! yehaaaaaay! :heart_eyes:

thank you for the privilege of reading it. thank you for your trust - in me and in God.

Blessed we are :pray:t3: :feather:


Dear and blessed one Vanda,
Trust in God. Deep gratitude to you for our zoom share today. How beautiful to join in this way. And what a cliff hanger, as the zoom ended precipitously! I have since upgraded my zoom account to accommodate shares of any length going forward! Looking forward as mutual schedules allow! And of course, all comers with the focus on Dharma Wills welcome! :pray::heart:


Beautiful song. First time listen. Thank you for sharing @Nighthawk! :smiling_face::two_hearts:


this is wonderful.
the time we met is very near my lunch time, so for me, I had only some minutes more.
perhaps in future meetings we can meet either earlier… (I’m a very early bird but know most people are not) or in the weekend at another time.
on the other hand, one hour is a very good length for me, especially because at the moment, we’re only two.

yes. deep gratitude.


Amen. Even if it’s just for sharing about how it’s going or asking for some prayers, it’s good to have more human energy in this profound theme.
:pray:t3: :rose:


Beloved Michael, here’s a thread created by @NightHawk999 you might enjoy:

Your contribution would be very welcome and appreciated.


Feeling the gratitude for and to the sacred forces that brought you to me, dear Vanda. Thank you for inviting me to @NightHawk999‘s music theory thread! So happy!

Here is an offering by inspired musician Bill Nelson, because, just because! :pray::two_hearts::blush:

“ The spirit cannot fail you. The spirit cannot fail you.

The individual who has the most power is the one who has the greatest realization of the Divine presence and to whom this means the most as an active principal in [their] life.”


Anytime Brother


Thank you for this gem

The picture on the video reminded me of a cool synch today:

Tonight, riding my bike, I looked up and there was a red tailed hawk flying, the path led me right under it, and I got to see its white belly blazing in the sunlight. When I passed under, I looked back and saw the hawk and the sun getting close to setting in the west. Did I mention when I first spotted it it was flying over a church, right next to the road I was riding on.



Thank you for this dearest Beloved.


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such a wonderful statement. such a Bliss to live this… to be brave enough to surrender to this…
and what an even deeper bliss to have friends with whom to share this…
infinite gratitude.

Sunday I had a very direct contact with two eagles in the mountain… in one of the moments the sun was also beneath them from my eyes perspective… SO beautiful…


Amen Sister, words dont do it justice

Saw 2 owls earlier this week. And had a red tailed hawk fly over head the other day.

For my deathbed if it is a slow death, this is one of the texts I would like read, really love this translation of it:

Dao De Jing or Tao Te Ching - Book of the way

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu - Full Audio Book


so beautiful… perhaps with a music accompanying? which one would you chose?

today, @Kalabasis sent me an email reminding me of the link to our zoom meeting, I came back to contemplating the skies and an eagle came flying around, first in circles, then coming on a straight flight to pass right on top of me. My feeling was BB is gonna be with us in spirit… and Michael did feel your presence :cowboy_hat_face:

really enjoy the sound of his voice and the content…
“mastering nature (…) by becoming it”
“the more truly solitary we are (…) the more present our love becomes”

MG… such beauties :brown_heart:
thank you for sharing.


Will have to think of a Dying Soundtrack, might even be a good thread for someone to start here…

I have been meaning to send yall a song. So much to do, so little time.



yes. amazing idea…

I am currently still integrating last session with Michael… soon I will share about it… next week I think… :dolphin: I received beautiful images… soon here :heart_eyes:

yehaaaaaay! :feather:

enjoy and savor it all…!


Looking forward to hearing about this, also the story about Jesus (when the time is right, if ever) :star_struck:


Festina Lente


this is exactly what I’m feeling at the moment with the Dharma Will/Box project… it extends itself through such a big length of time, and somehow feels as an ever changing wave, so I’m giving myself all the energy and space it deserves.
interesting that you connected the images I received with the story of Jesus… :heart_eyes: perhaps I can also take something from that experience into my moment of passage… thank you for the inspiration.


Go with the seasons, summer is a time to live life fully.

Fall and winter are times to think of decay and death



Yes, I LOVE the inspiration of the seasons… which can happen all in the same day!.. thank goddess, where I live, we don’t have such a strong boundary between seasons…

Sometimes for life to be fully blossoming, we need some death… it happened two days ago at a meeting… I processed SO strongly before and after, the event was full on! :slight_smile: the results were also quite incredible. Uuuffff… what a ride life is!..

In the meantime, crossing the episode of JC with my death one day, has generated a very artistic possibility - a painted corps… naked… :heart_eyes: