Wasp dream

I had a dream where at the end of it I was swatting away a wasp. The wasp was persistent and i remember thinking it odd that it was not going way after being swatted. The wasp zoned in on my lip and then in the next moment I had woken up and felt a sense of lucidity around the fact that the wasp had bitten me exactly where a large cold sore was. The threading through from dream state to waking triggers for me a sense of openness and chakre attunement (or something similar) in the body.


Or the mind . . . . . . . . . . .


Cool dream, yeah this phenomena is very fascinating to me, and I have heard a few others talk about it too.

Here is a dream where it happened to me:

"weeks ago I had my 5th Lucid Dream since joining this site in May. That night was warm day (30 degress) sandwitched in between two cold days (around 0 degrees), so I cracked my window open to take advantage of the ‘heat wave’ and covered the airducts to the room. Wanted to sleep with some fresh air, and threw an extra thick blanket on the bed to stay warm. Sleep was resful, but lighter than usual, and I woke up several more times in the night than typical bc my face was cold, but was able to fall back to sleep easy with the fresh air. Heres the dream:

Sitting around talking to 2 actors, one is a younger man, and one is Harrison Ford, he is doing a sequal to a movie. I am taking off my outside sweater and layers becuase inside is warm, while I am doing this the Old lady talking with us comments on Harrison Fords age, and how old he looks. I throw my sweater on the couch, and it hits and falls on the floor. I walk over to pick it up. The old lady who I am now realizing is my dead grandma, mistakenly thinks that by me getting up and walking away to get the sweater, I am offended by what she said. I walk to her in the hallway and she points to my left chest where there is a sticker, close to where my heart would be. I become lucid realizing that it is a dream becuase she has died. I give her a big hug, not saying anything but letting her know how much I love her and that things are ok (im not offended by what she said, I thought it was kind of funny :upside_down_face:). When I hug her I realize how real she feels, and how warm, its just like in waking life. I think from lack of movement and standing still, the dream destablizes and I end up waking up.

When I wake in my bed, my arms are crossed and I am hugging myself, my finger in one fist touching my left chest. I had kicked one of the blackets halfway off the bed, becuase it was too warm, and now I wasnt shivering, I was comfortable, but I think huging myself for extra warmth or to say warm.

Really cool how the physical placement on my arms transfered into the dream. I had been wondering for a few years when she would appear in my dreams, if ever. Very glad it happened, and greatful for this site for helping prompt that dream. :innocent:

Later that week, I saw a trailer for an Apple TV show with Ford and another actor play about 2 dozen times on the Peacock app, where I was watching Yellowstone Wondering if this may have also been a minor precognitve dream?

Interesting side note, a family member told me they dreamed of a friend who committed suicide and visited them in the dream to say they are okay now. That same night they dreamed that, I had the dream of my grandma. For both of us this was a very rare occassion to be visited by the dead. The family member rarely remembers their dreams, but that one was extremely vivid and memorable.

(I will note later that year an Indiana Jones Sequal was released and I learned they used special effects to make Harrison Ford look younger in the film )

I also read @py_by_the_bay s dream, or someone elses about them laying in bed with their dog, and feelijg the dogs body warmth, but having their dream body be in the laundry room of the house, and that triggered lucidity.

Another instance of this happening was when I was out camping and had my first premonition dream:


I am responding on a bit of a rickety laptop so I will make it brief for now. Just wanted to thank you for your reply and lucid dream description. It was pretty fascinating and I love the part around being visited by relatives who have dropped their bodies. Beautiful. Also the precog element… Thanks! :star_and_crescent:


Thank you. Appreciate you sharing your dream.

@_Barry said he had a dream that knocked him out of bed during an earthquake I think. Crazy how these energies are tied to the physical world and beyond.


During a lucid dream, chasing a balloon, broke my collarbone . . .